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What Our Customers Think

The quality of the desings is beyond anything we expected. That's why we design our stuff in Switzerland. The Quality is always on point. BPM Sounds (New York)
Bro, i love the colors!! Just insane!! Love it! Can't wait for the next flyer!! Braviragazzi Entertainment (CH)
The redesign of the website turned out just how i wanted it. Simple, white, big beautiful photos. Also the flyers came out very clean and flashy. Good job!
I like how you guys work, i didn't even have an idea and you guys came up with a great concept for my barbershop. Thank you!!Yayo Barbershop (Biel/Bienne)

About Our Company

We are Graphic and Web Designers, based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. All of our lifes we had a passion about design, programming and marketing. When it comes to Graphic Design we have our own definitions of goals that designers need to achieve in their work. Design is a great tool used for the marketing process, if its used the right way. We at Proof Design want to make sure that our designs fit perfect for you and your company.

These are our clients

We are proud to have their confidence.

  • Mc Donald's Switzerland
  • BPM Sounds (New York)
  • State Club (Biel/Bienne)
  • X-tra Club (Zürich)
  • Braviragazzi Entertainment (CH)
  • The Box (Lausanne)
  • Dj Babey Drew (Chris Brown)
  • Chris Saucyy (New York)
  • Deville (Paris)
  • Yayo Barbershop (Biel/Bienne)
  • Faye B Music (Basel)
  • Dj Fingaz (X-ZIBIT)
  • Le Ciel (Bern)
  • Atlantis 3.0 (Basel)
  • Ta'Shan Music (Bern)
  • Singerhaus (Basel)